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Posted to our members July 2020. Issue 27 of the Primary First

Latest Magazine contents below


03. Editorial Or Robert Morgan

05. Teacher Training in England and Wales - the potential impact of Curriculum 2022 on QTS by Dr Jane Dorrian

10. Rather than outstanding why not stand out?" by Steve Davies

16. Hair today gone tomorrow by Frances Coulson

18. SEND in Ordinary Classrooms by Michelle Prosser Haywood

20. Are we really inclusive? by Jon Daveney 

24. Music in the Primary National Curriculum by Dr Mark Betteney

26. Ground-breaking initiative challenges UK's music education crisis by Phil Castang

30. More than teachers by Emmanuel Awoyelu

32. Child-informed' lessons from the West Riding? By Colin Richards

36. An introduction to ethics morality and virtues for children (March 2019) by Tony Frais


Handwriting with Christopher Jarman

Looking to improve the children’s handwriting? Then look no further than Christopher Jarman’s Handwriting Skills. This is the soundest, no frills scheme available and economically priced too. Using the scheme will take your pupils towards a clear foundation style which will enable them to write well and always legibly whatever the demands of note taking in secondary school. Follow the link to the NAPE Handwriting page for full details and prices below. We supply the scheme on approval and only charge if you buy it.

Click here to find out more about this famous scheme which includes sample pages to view for each stage.


Special Offer! Download part of Copy Book 1 for FREE to see the style of teaching handwriting. You can not get this scheme from any other supplier as the Jarman family have given NAPE the sole publishing and selling rights.

Christian Schiller – In His Own Words at only £5 !!

Christian was appointed HMI in 1924 and then followed a long period of work with the schools in Liverpool where his contact with poor children and their families was a deeply formative experience. He became District Inspector and later filled this role in Worcestershire.  In 1946 he became Staff Inspector for Primary Education and his influence, often in partnership with his friend Robin Tanner, HMI. Both strongly felt that as elementary schools developed into primary schools, they should have a distinctive child- centred approach. That approach means teachers drawing on children’s innate creativity so recognising the powerful learning that emerges from direct experience.

‘Christian Schiller in his own words’ was published by the Association from 1979. This invaluable book is still available price £5.00 from the National Office. The book and all its wisdom about teaching young children and how we can help them to learn should find a place on every teacher’s bookshelf.

To order your copy, call the National Office or email

Details of past Christian Schiller Lectures can be viewed here.


Robin Alexander 

The renowned Robin Alexander, our NAPE patron, is well known in education for leading one of the most comprehensive and independent enquiries into English primary education for the last 40 years. Robin is Fellow of the Wolfson College at the University of Cambridge and Professor of Education Emeritus at the University of Warwick. He is also former director of the Cambridge Primary Review and Chair of the Cambridge Primary Review Trust.  The Primary Review published  'Children, their world, their education' . The review brought together educational experts in their field and teachers, headteachers and all those involved in primary education. The publication's conclusions for the teaching of children and the 'systems of education' are ground breaking and often cited. Robin has recently written a most readable and practical examination of teaching. Users of Robin Alexander’s popular Towards Dialogic Teaching will be pleased to hear of his new book about achieving high quality talk for teaching and learning. It builds on the best of international research and the successful Education Endowment Foundation trial of his approach with 5000 primary pupils, and is available at 20% discount direct from the publishers, Routledge, here: A Dialogic Teaching Companion 


Beyond the exam factory – More Than A Score

This book is to help to ‘lead to widespread discussion among teachers, and heads, parents, school governors, politicians and the general public’ about testing in schools. ‘Assessments in schools is not designed to help children learn…it does untold damage’.

This book is freely downloadable, NAPE has a few hard copies for sale. To order your copy, call the National Office or email

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