Our closest partners are the Association for the Study of Primary Education (ASPE) and the National Association for the Teaching of English (NATE).
ASPE may be contacted at jpaullatham@aol.com
NATE may be contacted at info@nate.org.uk or Tel: 0114 2823545 Fax: 0114 2823150

NAPE is also an active member of the Primary Umbrella Group (PUG) which comprises some 30 of the voluntary associations and unions working in the primary field. NAPE, alongside the professional associations, is actively engaged in co-ordinating future meetings of PUG. The Primary Umbrella Group may be contacted at rmyoung1942@yahoo.co.uk or through NAPE.

We are linked to primary subject associations through our shared website at: www.teachitprimary.co.uk

We are developing a productive link with the A C E Education. A C E used to be supported by substantial government funding but, sadly, this has now been withdrawn. In the past A C E had an excellent track record of offering advice to parents and teachers largely regarding education law and regulations. Their reputation is for objectivity and a strong commitment to finding the best way ahead for children. Now A C E is a Social Enterprise and we are pleased to be associated with them in their valuable work. Click here to view the ACE programme of seminars.

National Primary Teacher Education Council (NaPTEC) – two members of NAPE Council are also on NaPTEC’s Standing Committee. Their website: http://www.naptec.org.uk

Here are a list of links to our partners:

ASPE: http://www.aspe-uk.eu

NATE: http://www.nate.org.uk

ACE Education: http://www.ace-ed.org.uk