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Sir Ken Robinson

Media Release

 Sir Ken Robinson. It was with great sadness that we heard this morning of the sad passing of Ken Robinson, one of the greatest thinkers about education and creativity in modern time. His groundbreaking report “All Our Futures” published by the DfEE in 2001, but then sadly mostly ignored by politicians ever since, set a benchmark for anyone who thinks seriously about the business of education.

He was always the most eloquent advocate for change in education, with his wise, perceptive and invariably humorous presentations and books, loved by the millions of teachers across the world who saw, heard or read him. He talked to all of us and we knew that he understood we could make it better and many of us owe him a great debt of gratitude for restoring and often furthering our belief in the value of education.  Ken was a beacon for those who want to improve the lot of children and thus society, let us ensure that the light he cast amongst the gloom  and the passions he ignited will be kept burning by those of us who are left.


Peter Cansell FRSA

NAPE Information Officer




By: Peter Cansell

Registered Charity Number: 289645