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School and Family Covid Tracker

Kings College - School and Family Covid Tracker

Our School Communities programme has launched and we need your help to spread the word.

Little is known about COVID-19 in children, or how transmission of the virus among schoolchildren affects the wider population. And worryingly, more children are becoming infected. So ZOE's launched a free School Communities programme open to all schools in the UK.

We already have over 450 schools up and running and we’d love more schools to join them, as we need thousands if we’re to make a real difference and keep children, families and staff safe! 

Thank you for reading, keep safe and keep logging.

Professor Tim Spector

On behalf of the ZOE COVID Symptom Study team


Can you help us reach 5,000 schools? Share this with teachers and parents of school-aged children and ask them to join us.

By: Mike Aylen

Registered Charity Number: 289645