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Oxfordshire NAPE's Festival of Voices 2022

Oxfordshire NAPE's Festival of Voices 2022 is an event that over 40 primary schools have sung at the beautiful Abbey at Dorchester-on-Thames this month. Oxfordshire NAPE organised this music festival on 7 occasions, over six days in June. This meant that children could benefit from the experience of singing together as one massed choir accompanied by a small group of musicians. For instance, on Monday 20th June, seven schools sang together! The Oxfordshire branch should be congratulated in managing to bring schools together over 36 years, this is quite a feat! I am sure that parents, grandparents and children over those years are most grateful for the hard work that has been put in by the NAPE Committee for this to occur. If you watch the video about the FOV (2019) you will find out that a participating singer who then trained to be a teacher still brings her school to FOV! I thoroughly enjoyed it!


This is a past photograph.

By: Mike Aylen

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