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EDSK Rocking the government's assessment boat

EDSK the Education Think Tank, has produced a paper criticising the government's punishing regime of high-stakes testing of children in primary schools. Sky News interviewed Tom Richmond, the lead author and director of EDSK's paper. He states that these summative tests are not producing 'fair and accurate results'. Tom Richmond stressed that children and schools are under a lot of pressure to produce results in what he calls 'big bang testing' rather than online continuous testing. NAPE's paper by John Coe of 2015 stated that indeed, it also narrows the primary curriculum to only reflect of what is being tested. Tom also stressed that if that pressure was taken away then the schools could really concentrate on a 'broad and balanced curriculum' as recommended by Ofsted earlier in the year. For your information, NAPE's Conference this year concentrated on 'Towards a Balanced and Broadly-based Curriculum' with a lead lecture by Dr Tony Eaude, followed by a series of workshops on that theme. These were videoed at the time and can be viewed on our YouTube site playlist. 

By: Mike Aylen and Lynn Hannay

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