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NAPE nationally holds two conferences per year.

The Annual Conference

Annual Conference, which includes the AGM, is held in November each year. Typically the venue is a school which uses the occasion as one of its INSET days and takes responsibility for some of the organisation of the day. As well as speakers, often of national note, the conference also hosts a number of smaller workshops.

The Education Conference

A more recent introduction, the NAPE Education Conference is held in the Spring at a conference centre, Madingley Hall near Cambridge. This is a two day conference and allows delegates to have informal discussions with speakers.

Local Conferences

Some of the NAPE area networks also arrange conferences.

At the annual conference of the National Association for Primary Education a rapt audience were enthralled by three internationally renowned speakers who combined to present a totally different picture of modern primary teaching compared with the tired old ‘teaching to the test model’ preferred by sucessive governments. The focus was on the children and their families; the values so important to happiness and fulfilment in life, the way we interact with one another and the challenge of being a child at a time when the entire world seems to deny the reality of childhood.

Neil Hawkes spoke about values. Roy Leighton about relationships. Sue Palmer, the 2010 Christian Schiller Memorial lecturer, about children in today’s world. These were not ‘how to’ sessions but as one pleased attender at the end of the day remarked as she left the hall;

I may not have learned anything new about school subjects but I know I’ll be a better teacher tomorrow.
Neil Hawkes, National Association for Primary Education

Events, particularly conferences organised either nationally or more locally, media releases and contacts and articles of relevance to members are listed. Please get in touch with the Oxford office whenever a posting is proposed.

NAPE seeks to reflect the concerns and priorities of everyday primary teaching and parenting. Being in close touch with current practice enables us to strengthen our advocacy to the media and to the government. We need to hear from you — please get in touch with the either the national or the Oxford office whenever you feel that the association should become involved in an issue of particular relevance to your work and life with children.

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Bill Tyndall

It is with very great sadness that we have to report the death of Bill Tyndall. Bill was for some time a member of the National Council. His lively contribution to the arts and primary education will long be remembered.