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So, after waiting 6 years for a new education white paper, we get the startling news that we all want good schools. Something which cannot be achieved by this government apparently as

Government does not have all the answers,

but can only be achieved by

parents, teachers, community leaders, social workers, local authorities, professionals and children themselves to come together as one to make it succeed.”


This seems to me to be passing the buck, but then when we read on we find that we are getting a rehash of the message from 2016, that all schools should become academies and this will make it all better. I wonder why things haven't improved by going down this route so far?

It's good to see that the DfE hasn't lost its sense of humour regarding sending out messages, with a bank holiday seen as the best time to let schools know that they are not spending enough on tutors. After all they have given a company £25 million to run the scheme, then taken the contract away because it wasn't working and will from September give schools some of the money to fund the tutors, leaving the 25% shortfall to come out of existing budgets. So of course how well schools do it is something which should be monitored by ofsted. One has to ask whether Randstad, the DfE or the Education Secretary who have run the reprotedly “dysfunctional” programme up to now, will be similarly held to account?

Never mind you'll be pleased to know that you can start to gently wind down towards the end of the year now that all the main holidays are out of the way. Or am I confusing that with parliament?


Minister hears post brexit opportunities aren't all they're cracked up to be.

By: Ed Case
Registered Charity Number: 289645