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Having just watched the NAPE Youtube videos on “Oracy” reminded me of a pilot scheme I worked on whilst teaching In Queens Park Academy.

It was a trial project on teaching debating skills in primary schools and was organised by “The English Speaking Union”.

They have a wealth of good ideas for games etc to give children confidence in public  speaking.

I worked with a group of year 4 children for a year and then we attended a “Debating Competition” with other local primary schools including schools from the independent sector.

Most of the children in my group were second language children and the scheme really boosted their confidence .

It is so important for children to learn to voice their opinions in a rational and confident manner.

I hope lots of schools will include “oracy “ in their curriculum. The children I taught thorough
enjoyed the lessons and their written English also improved a lot.

I suggest contacting “The English Speaking union” and asking them for their resources on “ Debating in Primary Schools””

By: Sandra Mahaffey
Registered Charity Number: 289645