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The Hokey Cokey.

Somebody complained to me that my last blog was unfair to headless chickens the world over. I can only apologise to all headless chickens  who made it through Christmas, it was an insensitive slur at a very tense time for chickens

Then just when you thought you were safe from the Hokey Cokey being performed over the Christmas break, we're back to the in, out, shake it all about system of school strategy.

As a plan, telling schools to stay open, threatening local authorities with legal action if they close schools, then closing them, then calling it an Inset day, then expecting it to be a training day about how to make a flow chart of children's spit and snot, before saying never mind we'll get a few people from the army who have no experience of testing children, nor probably, managing a hall full of those waiting for results, to train all you teachers who obviously don't know which end of a cotton bud to put where, was all so last year.

Old version:

Now, we have open all schools, close some of them, open some parts of them to some children, close them to others, insist that all schools are safe, defend legal actions against putting employees at risk, then suggest that all schools might have to close anyway, but that they are all safe despite the evidence that the highest levels of infection are among children.

New version:

Have a happier New Year!

By: Ed Case
Registered Charity Number: 289645