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Ten years ago NAPE ran very successful face-to-face events in schools with multiple workshops which were of use to hard-working class teachers. However, with lockdown and large-group restrictions over the last two odd years our Association was stuck. It was desperate to reach out to its members by providing conferences and workshops on a face to face basis...but could not. Teachers over that time have became used to administering (was it teaching?) lessons across the internet to their classes. Last year when NAPE  ran an 'online only event' with 'break out rooms'  we saw a good number of participants such as teachers, parents, governors and University staff, signing in!

Yesterday (Monday 14th March) we held our yearly Schiller lecture in an Oxford primary school. We gave participants the choice of joining on Zoom or attending in person. It was a brilliant presentation about the early years by Nancy Stewart with feedback and thanks from Tim Brighouse himself! What did we find? Six times as many people came on to Zoom than the actual audience there. It is clearly a sign of the times.

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