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As Halloween approaches it is perhaps time to face some of our fears about education. There are some people who haven't asked their school what is in the SRHE policy. It is clearly time to put your concerns to one side and make sure the policy, which is probably already available on the school website, is about teaching SRHE and not some imagined monster waiting to ensnare children into a life of degenerate behaviour.

Another scare is the prospect of not having enough money to meet the school budget set before the numbers were changed and less money was there. This was achieved through a magical piece of sleight of hand which can surely be undone with the wave of a fiscal wand.

Don't worry, help is at hand, Oak Academy are getting an extra £2 million to make sure that AI can be added to the £43 million of lesson plans they have already given you. It is rumoured that these lessons will teach themselves, do the marking, write a letter expelling any children who might question the veracity of a Chat GPT answer in a strictly monitored exam, decide children's futures and remind Ofsted who's responsible for getting the job done!

Then former Chief inspectors won't be able to rubbish schools on the basis of no evidence.

Ah, the mists and mellow fruitlessness of Autumn

By: Ed Case
Registered Charity Number: 289645
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