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Looking to improve the children’s handwriting? Then look no further than Christopher Jarman’s Handwriting Skills. This is the soundest, no frills scheme available and economically priced too. Using the scheme will take your pupils towards a clear foundation style which will enable them to write well and always legibly whatever the demands of note taking in secondary school. Follow the link to the NAPE Handwriting website for full details and prices. We supply the scheme on approval and only charge if you buy it.

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Primary First

Christian Schiller – In His Own Words

‘Christian Schiller in his own words’ was published by the Association in 1979. The book is available price £5.00 from the National Office. The book and all its wisdom about young children and how we can help them learn should find a place on every teacher’s bookshelf.
To order your copy, call the National Office or email

A Brief Biography of Christian Schiller